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Sweet Kate

I met Kate just a few months after she was born. Her momma brought her to me for some pictures, and I couldn't get over how much hair she had. This girl was born with a beautiful head of hair. And I don't think any of it has fallen out! At one, she has a whole head of hair to go along with her sweet personality. Kate's first birthday was a bumble bee theme, so her super creative mom, found this cute outfit and had to get some pictures of her in it. Kate was just as sweet as the first time I met her. She was all smiles, and loved sticking that tongue out at me! Thanks again for letting me capture Kate's 1st b-day pics. She's a keeper! :)

Sweet baby Landon

I met Melissa and her husband Wes through the church I attend. They are the nicest couple! I went to their house a few weeks ago to take some maternity pictures of Melissa. They were both so laid back, and they were open to all of my crazy ideas! Much to my surprise we got those maternity pictures done just in time! Little Landon decided to come three weeks early! When I met him he was already almost three weeks old, but still the size of a newborn. He was so sweet, and so strong! He kept trying to lift his head during the shoot! As you can see from these pictures, he's one cute little guy, and so lucky to be born into this family.

Thank you for letting me into your house and letting me capture Landon in all his cuteness!

Down time

I've had several photo shoots, and even a wedding to keep me busy this winter season. In fact, it's the most busy I've been during the winter since I started this business. But, it's been so much calmer than the fall. I loved being busy this fall, but it's so nice to get a few months to go back to my first love, my family.

 I can't believe how fast these three are growing. I want to soak it all in, and be there for every single moment. I love watching them grow, learn new things, embrace life, and dive in head first. I've been having fun this winter taking pictures of them, freezing moment of their childhood, and trying so hard to make time slow down, even if just for a while. Here's a few pics of my cuties.